A narrow wedge of tart, with a thin layer of russet caramelization lying atop and dusted with cinnamon, sat on a stark white plate alongside a modest scoop of ice cream and a mysterious preserved fruit. Sericaia com ameixa de Elvas explained the menu. The dessert was as exquisite as the name sounded. Sericaia is […]


In the last post, I gave some math tips on deciding how much wine to have on hand for a dinner with multiple guests.  Now I want to share a little about how I use these numbers in planning dinners. Dinner #1 – Calculating small quantities of multiple wines per course when wine supply is […]

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“Would you mind looking at the attached menu, and making recommendations for wine pairings?” I received a version of this e-mail from different departments of the hotel three times within an afternoon. Coincidentally, they arrived as I was planning a wine dinner for the restaurant at the hotel. This is one of the best parts […]