The Washington State Wine Commission hosts an annual trip offering wine professionals the opportunity to experience the unique qualities of Washington and its wines. The event is called Road Trip Washington Wine; an appropriate name considering that much time is spent on a bus traveling from one wine region to another, winding from Walla Walla […]


Tea…is my second favorite beverage after most of the alcoholic ones. One of the main reasons that I enjoy alcoholic beverages is not the alcohol itself, though that can lend a pleasant lift to a social evening. The reason is that these beverages often are indicative of a place, reflecting not only what the French […]

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  Did you know that just a short drive from Dallas is the home of one of the few accredited viticulture and oenology programs in the country? Grayson County College in Denison is home to the T.V. Munson Center, and to a wealth of knowledge for our grape growers and winemakers in Texas. Through programs […]


My grandmother was a devout Southern Baptist, so her experience with wine was limited. However, she and Mark Twain shared similar views where travel was concerned, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness,….” Beyond these qualities, my grandmother treated every trip as an educational opportunity; not surprising considering her 44 years as a teacher.  […]

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